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Voltage Instability Analysis on PV and QV Curves for Radial-Type and Mesh-Type Electrical Power Networks

Marizan Sulaiman(1), Ahmad Fateh Mohamad Nor(2*), Noor Ropidah Bujal(3)

(1) Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Malaysia
(2) Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Malaysia
(3) Merlimau Melaka Polytechnic, Malaysia, Malaysia
(*) Corresponding author



The analysis of voltage instability in electric power system is very crucial in order to maintain the equilibrium of the system. This paper presents the analysis of voltage instability of electric power system by using power-voltage (PV) curve and reactive power-voltage (QV) curve. This research focuses on the voltage instability analysis using PV and QV curves for radial-type and mesh-type power networks. For radial-type power network, the plotting of PV and QV curves will be done by using Graphical User Interface (GUI) based on MATLAB application software. In the other hand, the power flow analysis for mesh-type power network will be done by using Power World Simulator and the plotting of PV and QV curve will be done by using Microsoft Excel.
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GUI; Power World Simulator; PV and QV Curves; Voltage Instability

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