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Electrical Loads Management in a Smart Building Supplied by PV Sources in Power Scenario

Regina Lamedica(1), Ezio Santini(2*), Sabrina Teodori(3)

(1) Department of Astronautical, Electrical, Energy Engineering, SAPIENZA University of Rome, Italy
(2) SAPIENZA University of Rome - Department of Electrical Engineering, Italy
(3) Department of Astronautical, Electrical, Energy Engineering, SAPIENZA University of Rome, Italy
(*) Corresponding author



The paper describes the results of a research activity relevant to automatic management of electrical loads. A commercial/tertiary installation is considered; absence of electric energy from the network and from conventional source is supposed, being electric energy produced from a photovoltaic system. The intrinsically random nature of generated electric energy – eventually less than the requested energy - implies the need to select the loads that can be fed. The Authors built a software named Smart Building Manager (SBuM) that implements the proposed algorithm as a whole. The software is equipped with the mathematical models of electric energy production from PV system. A case study shows the algorithm performance.
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Load Management; Renewable Sources; Dynamic Programming; Priority Load Control; Power Scenario

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