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SiC vs. Si-Based Isolated DC-DC Converters: Assessment of Power Loss and Mass Gains Using a Multiobjective Optimization Tool

Olivier Deblecker(1*), Zacharie De Grève(2), Christophe Versèle(3)

(1) University of Mons, Belgium
(2) University of Mons, Belgium
(3) University of Mons, Belgium
(*) Corresponding author



In this contribution, the power losses and mass of multiobjective optimal designed isolated dc-dc converters are compared, based on Si and SiC technologies. To that end, a computer-aided design (CAD) tool, previously published by the authors, is used. The database of the existing tool is enriched with wide band gap semiconductor devices currently available from manufacturers. The results are presented for two switch-mode power supplies operating at very different power levels. The gains in terms of power losses and mass from one technology to the other can advantageously be quantified thanks to the CAD tool
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Multiobjective Optimization; Switch-Mode PowerSupply; SiC devices

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