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FPGA Implementation of Z-Source Multilevel Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drives

F. X. Edwin Deepak(1*), Rajasekaran Vairamani(2), R. Ranjitha(3)

(1) Anna University Chennai, India
(2) Anna University Chennai, India
(3) Anna University Chennai, India
(*) Corresponding author



Multilevel Inverter (MLI) has been recognized as an attractive topology for high voltage DC-AC conversion. Function of a multilevel inverter is to synthesize a desired voltage wave shape from several levels of DC voltages. But the main drawback of MLI is its output voltage amplitude is limited to DC sources voltage summation. To overcome this limitation, a five level neutral point clamped inverter of FPGA based Z-source inverter has been proposed in this paper. In the proposed topology output voltage amplitude can be boosted with Z network shoot-through state control. It employs Z network between the DC source and inverter circuitry to achieve boost operation. The output voltage of proposed inverter can be controlled using modulation index and shoot through state. This paper focuses on multicarrier pulse width modulation (MCPWM) strategy for the three phase five level FPGA based Z-source neutral point clamped inverter have been analyzed. A simulation model of five level FPGA based Z-source neutral point inverter developed using MATLAB/SIMULINK and its performance has also been analyzed.
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Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA); Induction Motor; Multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation (MCPWM); Multilevel Inverter (MLI); Z-Source Inverter

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