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Simulation and Experimental Validation of PFC Zeta Converter fed PMSM Drive for Variable speed Applications

R. Saravanan(1*), N. Chandrasekaran(2)

(1) Anna University - Chennai, India
(2) Anna University Chennai, India
(*) Corresponding author



In many pulse width modulated DC-DC converter topologies, the controllable switches are operated in switch mode where they are required to turn the entire load current on and off during each switching cycle. Under these conditions, the switches are subjected to high switching stresses and power losses. Recently there is an increased interest in the use of resonant type DC-DC converters due to the advantages of high frequency of operation, high efficiency, small size, light weight, reduced Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) and low component stresses. A novel PFC (Power Factor Corrected) Converter using Zeta DC-DC converter feeding a PMSM drive using a single voltage sensor is proposed for variable speed applications. A single phase supply followed by an uncontrolled bridge rectifier and a Zeta DC-DC converter is used to control the voltage of a DC link capacitor which is lying between the Zeta converter and a VSI (Voltage Source Inverter). The voltage of a dc-link capacitor of zeta converter is controlled to achieve the speed control of PMSM Drive. The zeta converter is working as a front end converter operating in DICM (Discontinuous Inductor Current Mode) and thus using a voltage follower. A sensor less control of PMSM is used to eliminate the requirement of Hall Effect position sensors. Using MATLAB/ Simulink 7.13 environment the model can be simulated to achieve a wide range of speed control with high power factor and the same can be validated by means of hardware.
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Adjustable Speed Drives; PFC Converter; PMSM Drive; Speed Control of PMSM; Zeta Converter

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