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A power management and control strategy with grid-ancillary services for a microgrid based on DC Bus

Anna Pinnarelli(1*), Giuseppe Barone(2), Giovanni Brusco(3), Alessandro Burgio(4), Daniele Menniti(5), Nicola Sorrentino(6)

(1) University of Calabria- DIMEG, Italy
(2) University of Calabria - DIMEG, Italy
(3) University of Calabria - DIMEG, Italy
(4) University of Calabria - DIMEG, Italy
(5) University of Calabria - DIMEG, Italy
(6) University of Calabria - DIMEG, Italy
(*) Corresponding author



The deployment of distributed generation into the existing passive distribution networks is reaching a critical point whereby it can no longer be installed in the typical “fit and forget” fashion without influencing network operation and stability. The operating practice of distribution networks will need to change from a passive to an active role. In this context, in the paper a power management control strategy with grid-ancillary services for a novel configuration of a microgrid, defined by the authors as a Smart User Network, characterized by different types of micro-sources and storage systems interconnected by a common DC bus, is proposed. Several numerical results have been performed using a model of Smart User Network implemented in Matlab/Simulink environment and the most significant ones are illustrated and discussed.
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Distributed Generation; Renewable Energy Source; Smart Grid; Microgrid; Power Management Control; Distributed Control; DC Bus Signal Control; Ancillary Services

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