Optimal Sizing of DGs for a CHP-Based Agro-Industrial Microgrid with a Priority Criteria Operational Strategy

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The paper presents a microgrid inspired by the needs and the potentials of its application in the agro-industrial field where the biomass and its derivatives are primary energy sources together with the solar irradiance. An optimization problem is also proposed to optimal size all generators, including stirling engines, micro gas turbines and solid oxide fuel cells for the simultaneous and combined on-site production of heat and power. In order to preliminarily consider the role of the energy management in dispatching power and heat, an operational strategy of distributed generators based on priority criteria is set and implemented as constraints in the optimization problem. Numerical experiments on a real case of a farm placed in the southern Italy confirm the feasibility of the proposed microgrid together with the optimization problem, quantifying both the economic and environmental benefits
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Microgrid; Optimal Sizing; Distributed Generation; CHP; Stirling Engine

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