Improved Adaptive Flux Observer of an Induction Motor with Fast Lyapunov Optimization Method

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In this paper, we propose an improved scheme of adaptive flux observer for the direct field-oriented control of induction motor based on a new fast Lyapunov optimization method to make the estimation of rotor resistance estimation. The improved adaptive flux observer is already presented in other work and based by adding the estimation of the estimation of load torque to the conventional adaptive observer scheme.The fast Lyapunov optimization method is based on using a new concept of Lyapunov function that not based only to guaranty the stability but also the accelerate the convergence of estimation of rotor resistance of induction motor.The performances of the proposed adaptive observer were verified with numerical simulation. The obtained results show the effectiveness of the new fast Lyapunov method
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Induction Motor; Improved Adaptive Flux Observer; Direct Field-Oriented Control; Lyapunov Method

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