A Modified Asymmetrical Self-Oscillating DC/DC Half Bridge Converter

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This paper presents a simple novel technique in order to modifying the conventional self oscillating half-bridge series resonant converter which does not allow the control of the power transfer into a self oscillating half-bridge series resonant converter which allows the power transfer control. The proposed new technique consists in controlling the magnetic saturation of a saturable transformer, by using a DC-control current circulating through an additional winding, in order to ensure a variable asymmetrical control as a function of the dc-control current. We can therefore control and regulate the output power while maintaining the switching frequency close to the resonant one. A 600 W, 300 V input, and 24 V output laboratory prototype operating at 110 kHz is built and tested to verify the effectiveness of the proposed converter
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Self-Oscillation; Zero-Voltage-Switched ZVS; Saturable Current Transformer; Series Resonant Converter; Magnetic Control

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