A Fuzzy Controlled Scheme for an Isolated Hybrid MPPT-Photovoltaic Diesel-PMSG System

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In this paper, a controlled scheme for a hybrid photovoltaic-diesel–PMSG system is presented. In order to feed a considered load according to power demand, both or one of two generators can be used; the first one is an MPPT fuzzy controlled buck-photovoltaic panel, the second is a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) driven by a diesel motor. In order to perform the system, a fuzzy controlled supervisor realizes the adequate choose between the generators. So that, in the first case, to feed the considered isolated load when the MPPT fuzzy controlled photovoltaic panel power is sufficient, the load receives the required input power only from the photovoltaic panel through a boost converter and a DC bus. In the other case, when the photovoltaic panel is insufficient, the PMSG is used; a diode rectifier and an LC-LC filter are associated. Thus, in this new case, the considered load is fed by the photovoltaic panel and the PMSG simultaneously. A significant simulation work was presented so as to take out the important results. Different results are presented and discussed in order to justify the important performances of the system. They show clearly how the proposed methodology is an efficient hybrid photovoltaic diesel control procedure
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Fuzzy Control; Hybrid Isolated System; MPPT; Photovoltaic; Buck Converter; Boost Converter; Diesel; PMSG

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