Influence of Major Disturbances in Electricity Supply on the Operating Environment of Distribution System Operators: a Case Study

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Several major disturbances in the supply of electricity have taken place in Finland during the last decades causing significant problems in different operations of the modern society. Consequently, many measures have been taken in order to improve the preparedness of the society against these kinds of events. Tightening of the economic regulation of distribution system operators (DSOs) and changes to electricity market legislation are changing the operating environment of DSOs. In order to be sufficiently prepared against prospective major disturbances, in addition to network investments, DSOs need to develop their communication and cooperation with other actors, inform their customers better and take societally critical customers into account in their plans. Thus, the whole process will be much more complicated and just optimizing the total costs will not be enough in the future
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Interruption; Major Disturbance; Outage; Preparedness; Power System Reliability; Societal Problem

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