Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Parallel DC-DC Boost Converter

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Nowadays, parallel DC-DC switched converters are commonly used in many applications such as distributed power supply systems and embedded systems to extend battery life. As a single switched mode DC-DC converter topology, a parallel converter must provide a regulated output voltage. For such case the regulation of the voltage must be performed in a closed loop control mode.  In this paper, a Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control (FSMC) is developed and applied to a two parallel DC-DC converter. Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control is a robust control which combines the benefits of fuzzy logic control and sliding mode control. The proposed FSMC is implemented in real time using a dSPACE control board. The efficiency and the robustness of the proposed controller are tested by simulation and experimentally, with success, for different operating conditions
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Parallel DC-DC Boost Converter; Sliding Mode Control; Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control; Robustness

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