Performance Investigation of Active Power Filter Under Non-Linear Loads Variation

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This paper aims on details performance of three-phase shunt active power filter (APF) having variation of DC non-linear loads implemented in real-time control using dSPACE DS 1104 is presented. The APF was implemented by using stationary reference frame (d-q algorithm) and the purpose is to extract the harmonics content in the system. In addition, 9 kHz carrier signal are used to generated the switching signal which are used to correct the harmonics in the system. The non-linear loads were constructed with three-phase rectifier which connected in series with inductor  and parallel with resistor and capacitor. In this experiment, three cases have been investigated to analyze the performance of the APF. The results shows the improvement of the THDi are ranging from 92% to 94%. The best reduction of the THDi are founded with both load at maximum values
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Active Power Filter; Harmonics Improvement, Non-Linear loads

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