Relationship between the Fractal Dimension of Creeping Discharges Propagating at Solid/Gas Interfaces and the Characteristics Parameters of Interfaces

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This paper is aimed at the fractal analysis of surfaces discharges propagating over insulators immersed in gas and the relationship between the physical parameters influencing these discharges and the fractal dimension of these latter. It is shown that: (1) the observed experimentally discharges propagating at the surface of high voltage insulators made of different materials in presence of gas submitted to standard lightning impulse voltage in divergent electric field have a fractal dimension; and (2) there is a relationship between the fractal dimension of these discharges and the physical and geometrical characteristic parameters of solid/gas insulating system that are the thickness (e) and the dielectric constant of insulator (εr) as well as the gas and its pressure
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Surface Discharges; Solid/Gas Insulating System; Gas Pressure; Fractal Dimension

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