A Hybrid Islanding Detection Method for Grid-Connected Renewable Generation System

Wen-Yeau Chang(1*)

(1) ,
(*) Corresponding author

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This study proposes a hybrid islanding detection method for use by the grid-connected inverter of a distributed renewable power generation system (RPGS). The proposed hybrid islanding detection method combines active technique and passive technique. The proposed active islanding detection technique is the correlation factor islanding detection method. The proposed passive technique involves two indices: the rate of change of voltage (ROCOV) and the rate of change of frequency (ROCOF). In this study, experiments are conducted to illustrate the principles of the proposed techniques for a prototype grid-connected inverter of a RPGS. The test results show that the newly proposed method is reliable, economical, and easy to implement for islanding detection of grid-connected inverter
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Islanding Detection; Grid-Connected Inverter; Renewable Power Generation System; Active Islanding Technique; Passive Islanding Technique

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