Simulated Annealing Based Passive Power Filter Design for a Medium Voltage Power System

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Power quality problems on distribution systems are becoming an increasingly important issue because the increase of harmonic current sources not only caused poor supply quality but also can be damaged the system components. As is known passive power filters (PPFs) have been mostly used to restrict the harmonic currents in industrial distribution systems. Aim of this paper is PPF design according to IEEE standards by using simulated annealing (SA) which is one of the heuristic techniques. The main idea behind the PPF design is the minimization of rms current of distribution bus. First of all harmonic analysis of studied industrial power system has been done. After this analysis, PPF design for mitigation of current harmonics and also power factor correction is realized firstly by using the try and error (TAE) method taking into consideration IEEE 519-1992 standards. Similar to that PPF design is realized by using proposed SA method. Effectiveness and convenience of the designed single tuned PPFs in limitation of the harmonic distortions are analyzed via computer simulations. Also the effects of frequency deviation on PPFs are studied. Simulation studies are carried out in Matlab/Simulink environment
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Harmonic Distortions; Passive Power Filter; Single Tuned Filters; Simulated Annealing; IEEE 519-1992

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