dSPACE Based Implementation of Multicarrier PWM Strategies for Three Phase Five Level Cascaded Inverter

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This paper presents the comparison of unipolar multicarrier Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) techniques for the Cascaded Multi Level Inverter (CMLI). Due to switch combination redundancies, there are certain degrees of freedom to generate the five level AC output voltage. This paper presents the use of Control Freedom Degree (CFD) combination. The effectiveness of the PWM strategies developed using CFD are demonstrated by simulation and experimentation. The simulation results indicate that the chosen five level inverter triggered by the developed UISCPSPWM and UISCVFPWM strategy with sine and stepped wave references and UISCAPODPWM strategy with THI PWM and 60 degree reference exhibis reduced harmonics. UISCCOPWM provides higher fundamental RMS output voltage for all four chosen references. PWM strategies developed are implemented in real time using dSPACE/Real Time Interface (RTI). The simulation and experimental outputs closely match with each other validating the strategies presented
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CFD, dSPACE, CMLI, PWM, Unipolar

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