Elimination of the Influence of Electromagnetic Radiation in Transformer Station Located in the Facility

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The paper presents performed calculations of maximum values of the electric and magnetic fields  intensity, emitted by TS 10(20)/0.4 kV, 3x1250 kVA, obtained in software package EFC-400 that allows simulation in three-dimensional space. Calculations of effective values of the magnetic flow density (magnetic induction) and analysis of electromagnetic compatibility are obtained for height of 4.5 m above the ground surface, in the x-y plane, in parts of offices located above the substation, where the highest levels of the field intensity are expected, with a maximum current load at some equipment pieces. This load rarely appears in real operation,  so the calculation results are on the side of safety. Substation is modeled without walls and other obstacles that significantly affects on the reduction of the electric field intensity. In this way, the results of the electric field intensity are largely on the side of safety, since an external wall of transformer stations damping down the same field on negligible values. These values can be verified by measuring on the substation location. The results are shown in diagrams that describes two-dimensional and three-dimensional distribution of the magnetic flow density and electric field intensity, in the continuous distribution, by using isolines. In the paper are given a recommendations for a new model of substation, by which the reduction of electromagnetic interference will be achieved
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Electromagnetic Radiation; Compatibility; Electric Field; Magnetic Field; EFC 400

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