Distribution Network Topology Planning Using Life Cycle Cost Driven Cost Surfaces in the Internodal Parameter Computation

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This paper presents a method for using the most accurate available geographic data in network topology planning. The process is an iterative process, where an initial network topology is first generated in order to acquire certain topology related parameters for each node-to-node connection. Then, node-to-node optimal routes are considered through individual cost surfaces, generated with varying topological and static geographic inputs. A near-optimal network topology is then constructed, now also considering the geographical cost drivers and constraints. In the topology the back-up connections and network sectionalization devices are also considered from the point of view of cost-optimality. A study from a real network proves the potential of the developed methodology to be able to cope with realistically sized networks
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Accurate Geographic Data; Cost Surface; Distribution Network; Network Configuration; Network Topology; Raster Map; Variable Cost Drivers

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