Motor Flux Estimator Based on Generalized Integrator

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Voltage model has been widely used in the field of motor control due to the advantages of simple structure and less parameters required. The traditional voltage model integrates the electromotive force directly to get the flux. But this method exists problems such as integrator saturation and initial phase error. A novel motor flux estimator based on generalized integrator is proposed. After obtaining the fundamental component by filtering the electromotive force with generalized integrator, a simple calculation and a coordinate transformation, flux is obtained. This method avoids the problem of the saturation brought by the traditional integrator and the problem of the initial phase error. It solves the high-frequency interference problem in the flux estimator based on the high-pass filter. It does not have amplitude or phase error and it is easy to implement. Finally, the simulation and experimental resulted from a cycloconverter fed motor drive system are presented to verify the effectiveness of this method
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Generalized Integrator; Flux Estimator; Voltage Model; Coordinate Transformation

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