Robust Coordinated Control of Excitation and SVCs in Multi-Machine Power System

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Nonlinear controller of excitation and FACTS in power system has drawn considerable attention for years in the literature. It has substantial potential and advantage in enhancing the power system stability compared with traditional linear methods. In this paper, the coordinated and robust design of the excitation and SVC controllers in multi-machine power system is studied. The generalized Hamilton theory is used in the controller design process, which has a more general form and a wider range of application. A Lyapunov function with uncertain parameters is constructed and proven to be a real one under some assumptions. The strictly dissipative generalized Hamiltonian realization of the multi-machine power system with SVCs is explicitly illustrated. Then the coordinated and robust control strategy of excitation and SVCs is designed via an energy-based conception. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness and the practicability of the presented methodology
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Robust Coordinated Control; Lyapunov Function; Multi-Machine Power System; Generalized-Hamiltonian System

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