Feasibility of Interconnected Distribution Network for the Integration of Distributed Energy Resources Using GA Approach

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This paper envisages the feasibility of proposed power system configuration, which aspires at maximizing the electricity generation from green energy sources and furthermore to initiate the involvement of the consumers. Once the proposed distribution network configuration implemented, a power system based on distributed energy generation technologies is likely to be able to provide opportunities for sustainable development. Main objectives of the proposed network configuration are increased penetration of distributed generation (DGs) and decarbonization of electric utility. The IEEE-14 bus with proposed configuration has been simulated using MATLAB Simulink, which shows that interconnection of distribution networks allow the operation of centralized electricity generation and distributed energy generation efficiently. The outcomes of the proposed power system configuration have been compared with genetic algorithm based optimization approach
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Green Energy Sources; Smart Grid; Distribution Networks; Distributed Generators (DGs) Genetic Algorithm (GA)

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