Bridgeless SEPIC PFC Converter with Input Current Ripple Cancellation

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In this paper, a bridgeless single-ended primary inductor converter (SEPIC) with input ripple current cancellation is presented. By eliminating an input bridge rectifier, the total number of components in conduction path is reduced and thus overall efficiency is improved. In addition, ripple cancellation technique which reduce input ripple current, theoretically to zero, is applied by utilizing coupled inductors so that near unity power factor is achieved. Since the proposed convert operates in discontinuous-conduction-mode (DCM), the output diodes turned off under zero-current-switching (ZCS) condition and their reverse-reverse problems are alleviated. The operational principle, steady-state analysis, and design equations of the proposed converter are described in detail. In order to verify the theoretical analysis, experimental results from a 120W prototype at a constant switching frequency of 100kHz are presented
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Bridgeless Converter; Power Factor Correction (PFC); SEPIC Converter; Ripple Current Cancellation

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