Dynamic Modeling and Power Swing Damping Control (PSDC) of SVC Using ADPSS-Based Hardware-in-the-Loop (HID) Approach

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This paper presents the dynamic modeling and power swing damping control (PSDC) of the static var compensator (SVC) using hardware-in-the-loop (HID) approach based on the advanced digital power system simulator (ADPSS) platform. A brief review of the SVC and the Phillips-Heffron model of the power system with the SVC controller are presented. The power swing damping control (PSDC) is devised to enhance power system damping and mitigate low frequency oscillation of the power system under grid disturbance conditions. The coordinated HID-based real-time digital simulation method using the electromagnetic and electromechanical transient programs is proposed. To analyze the dynamic and transient control behavior of the SVC, the closed-loop control strategy of the SVC controller on the ADPSS platform is designed. The validity and effectiveness of the modeling and control methods are confirmed by the experimental results
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Static Var Compensator (SVC); Advanced Digital Power System Simulator (ADPSS); Power Swing Damping Control (PSDC); Electromagnetic; Electromechanical

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