Metaheuristic Method for Minimizing the Periodic Preventive Maintenance Cost in an Electrical System

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This article presents a new technique to minimize preventive maintenance cost under given availability constraint of parallel- series systems. The resolution consists in determining the solution vector of system component inspection periods TP. We suggest a metaheuristic method based on an ant colony system (ACS) for best calculation of TP. The suggested methodology was applied to the electric feeding system of a unit of natural gas liquefaction in Algeria. The results obtained allowed a considerable improvement of the plan of preventive maintenance in this unit. A comparison is established between results obtained by (ACS) and Genetic algorithm (GA) via cost evaluation and the best values of TP
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Ant Colony System (ACS); Availability; Cost; Optimization; Preventive Maintenance

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Data technique of the department of the Algerian unit of natural gas liquefaction Sonatrach.


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