Research on UHF Sensor for Partial Discharge Spatial Location in Substation

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The basic principle of printed ellipse monopole antenna is discussed. A UHF sensor used for the spatial location of the partial discharge(PD) in substation is designed. With an elliptic microstrip patch structure, the sensor can effectively meet the PD detection requirements because of its advantages of omni-direction, broadband, high sensitivity, low standing wave ratio and good consistency in group delay. The UHF sensors array consisting of multiple sensors is able to undertake spatial location of PD. The spatial detection and location performance of the sensor are verified at the PDexperimental platform in a lab, and the sensors array consisting of such sensor is used for continuous monitoring of PD in the substation field. Laboratory experiment and field application results show that the sensor is able to satisfy requirements in spatial location of PD in substation effective
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Partial Discharge (PD); Ultra High Frequency (UHF); Group Delay; Sensitivity; Spatial Location; Sensor Frequency

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