Optimal Allocation of Wind Turbines Considering Different Costs for Interruption Aiming at Power Loss Reduction and Reliability Improvement Using Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm

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In recent years, utilization of wind-based distributed generation (DG) as one of the most widespread used types of green generation technologies has attracted remarkable consideration. Recently, several contributions have accomplished in case of wind-based generation. In this research, in order to minimize the costs of annual energy losses and Energy Not Supplied (ENS) of the distribution networks, a multi-objective probabilistic based approach is proposed to determine the optimal location and capacity of wind-based units along with providing assurance for a desirable level of voltage profile. An Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA) is employed to overcome non-convexity and complexity of the mixed integer optimization problem of DG allocation in the radial distribution networks. For this purpose, a Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) clustering is used to categorize historical data of load demands and output power of DG units. Then, given the fuzzy center point of the clusters and their respective probability generated from FCM clustering implementation, uncertainty consideration is involved to the probabilistic calculation of both of the wind-based DG and load demand. Moreover, during the calculation process of ENS, different costs of interruption are considered for various customers of the network. Finally, presented technique is exerted for an IEEE 33-bus standard test system subject to the system constrains under different cases and effectiveness and capability of the method is assessed. Obtained results demonstrate competence of the method to produce a significant reduction in ENS value and annual energy losses
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Wind-Based DG Allocation; Distribution System; Fuzzy C-Means Clustering; Uncertainty; Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm

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