Magnetic Field Analysis of a Novel Deflection-Type PM Multi-DOF Actuator

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The superior performance of a novel deflection-type multi-DOF actuator is introduced briefly in this paper, three kinds of permanent magnetic rotor magnetization modes and schemes for a new PM deflection-type multi-DOF motors have been put forward. Static magnetic flux density modulus value calculation and static magnetic field analysis of every kind of permanent magnet magnetization modes and key structure parameters are implemented, and then the detailed distribution features of the rotor in permanent magnet deflection-type multi-DOF motor are simulated under the circumstance of 3D finite element software. Finally some disciplines of NdFeB rotor are concluded and analyzed. The results provide the references for the structure design of such kind of actuators or motors
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Deflection Type; Permanent Magnet; Multi-DOF; 3D Magnetic Field; Finite Element

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