Design and Development of Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Power System Using Matrix Converter Topology: an Experimental Study

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This paper proposes to investigate single phase matrix converter (SPMC) topology for control of off grid solar photovoltaic power system (OGPVPS) system using sinusoidal pulse width modulation(SPWM) technique.A major finding in this area of OGPVPS is utilization of single matrix converter topology performing the dc-ac conversion with FPGA controller, which reveal its capability by adopting efficient switching strategies. In this work,control strategy for SPMC topology has been developed and tested to perform 0.5 kW load operation.Further work has been  extended to operate solar photovoltaic system in uninterrupted mode by realizing the SPMC as an ac-dc(rectifier).Simulation results confirm the feasibility and the experimental results validate the proposal
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Off Grid Photovoltaic Systems; Matrix Converter; Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation

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