Vol 8, No 2 (2013)

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Accuracy-Enhanced Power Metering Technique in Virtualized Environments PDF
Xiao Peng, Liu Dongbo 427-434

Utilizing an Enhanced Cellular Automata Model for Data Mining PDF
Omar Y. Adwan, Ammar M. Huneiti, Abdel Latif Abu-Dalhoum 435-443

Investigation of In-Network Data Mining Approach for Energy Efficient Data Centric Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Sanam Shahla Rizvi, Tae-Sun Chung 444-447

Research of Two Key Techniques in Virtual Application Development PDF
Duan Xinyu, He Engui 448-453

The Optimized Wavelet Filters and Real-Time Implementation of Speech Codec Base on DWT on TMS320C64xx PDF
Noureddine Aloui, Mourad Talbi, Adnane Cherif 454-462

A Hybrid System of Hadoop and DBMS for Earthquake Precursor Application PDF
Tao Luo, Wei Yuan, Pan Deng, Yunquan Zhang, Guoliang Chen 462-467

Model Construction for Communication Gap of Requirements Elicitation by Stepwise Refinement PDF
Noraini Che Pa, Abdullah Mohd Zin 468-473

Towards a Reference Ontology for Higher Education Knowledge Domain PDF
Leila Zemmouchi-Ghomari, Abdessamed Réda Ghomari 474-488

A Fuzzy Logic Based Method for Selecting Information to Materialize in Hybrid Information Integration System PDF
Hadi Wadii, Zellou Ahmed, Bouchaib Bounabat 489-499

A New Approach for Code Generation from UML State Machine PDF
My Hafid Aabidi, Abdeslam Jakimi, El Hassan El Kinani, Mohammed Elkoutbi 500-506

An Energy Efficient Deployment Scheme for Ocean Sensor Networks PDF
Bin Zeng, Lu Yao, Rui Wang 507-513

A Fast Exact String Matching Algorithm Based on Nested Classification PDF
Yuwan Gu, Lei Li, Guodong Shi, Yingli Zhang, Yuqiang Sun 514-518

A New Solution to Defend Against Cooperative Black Hole Attack in Optimized Link State Routing Protocol PDF
Hicham Zougagh, Ahmed Toumanari, Rachid Latif, Noureddine Idboufker 519-526

Study of Network Access Control System Featuring Collaboratively Interacting Network Security Components PDF
Li He-Hua, Wu Chun-Ling 527-532

An Ontology Based Meta-Search Engine for Effective Web Page Retrieval PDF
P. Vijaya, G. Raju, Santosh Kumar Ray 533-541

MMSD: a Metadata-Aware Multi-Tiered Source Deduplication Cloud Backup System in the Personal Computing Environment PDF
Haiyan Meng, Jing Li, Weiqing Liu, Changchun Zhang 542-550

Bandwidth and Delay Aware Routing Protocol for Real Time Traffic in Mobile Adhoc Networks PDF
P. Sivakumar, K. Duraiswamy 551-559

A Survey and Evaluation of Fault Tolerant Techniques of Virtual Machine in Cloud Computing Environment PDF
GuiPing Wang, ShuYu Chen, Zhen Zhou, MingWei Lin 560-568

A Precise Facial Paralysis Degree Evaluation with Severity Classification Using Image Processing and Neural Network PDF
K. Anguraj, S. Padma 569-576

An Effective Tamil Speech Word Recognition Technique with Aid of MFCC and HMM (Hidden Markov Model) PDF
S. Rojathai, M. Venkatesulu 577-586

Lung CT Image Segmentation Based on Combined Multi-Scales Watershed Method and Region Growing Method PDF
Zhao Juanjuan, Yang Jianfeng, Qiang Yan, Wang Quan 587-592

Ant Colony Optimization Based Cache Discovery Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
S. Umamaheswari, G. Radhamani 593-598

An Efficient Provably Secure Certificateless Signcryption without Random Oracles PDF
Hua Sun 599-604

A Reliability Framework of Component Based Software System Using Kal-Chan Path Selection Algorithm PDF
S. Kaliraj, N. Chandru, Amitabh Wahi 605-612

Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using Multi-Scale Line Detection PDF
Xiangjun Gao 613-619

A Swarm Intelligence Based Channelization Code Manipulation in WCDMA Networks for Avoiding Code Blocking PDF
P. Kavipriya, C. Gomathy 620-626

A Hierarchical QoS Routing Algorithm Based on VMN for MANET PDF
Guofeng Yan, Yuxing Peng, Bin Huang 627-631

An Efficient Speaker Recognition System for Separating the Single Channel Speech Using Frequency Modulation PDF
G. Logeshwari, G. S. Anandha Mala 632-641

Cross-Layer Based Routing and Rate Control Using Fuzzy Decision Systems in MANET PDF
S. Narayanan, Rani Thottungal 642-652

Optimization of MLP Using Genetic Algorithms Applied to Arabic Speech Recognition PDF
M. Ben Nasr, S. Saoud, A. Cherif 653-659

Dynamic Data Allocation in Distributed Database Systems: a Systematic Survey PDF
Raju Kumar, Neena Gupta 660-667

Total Variation-Based Image Restoration Using I-Divergence PDF
Wu Qiufeng, Wang Kuanquan, Zuo Wangmeng 668-672

Acoustic Study on Perception of Vowels in Standard Chinese by Uyghur Students PDF
Yi Yang, Huaying Chen 673-679

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