Vol 8, No 1 (2013)

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A New Approach to Component-Based Development of Software Architecture PDF
Sabah Al-Fedaghi, Ahmed Abdullah 1-10

Implementation and Comparison of EKF and UKF Based Tracking Loop at Low Carrier-to-Noise Ratio Conditions PDF
Yawen Fan, Jianjun Yin 11-16

Improvement Wood Computerized Tomography Images with Ultrasonic Wave Parallel Translation PDF
Honghui Fan, Hongjin Zhu, Guangping Zhu, Yao Wang 17-20

Enhancing Hazy Images with the Aid of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Morphological Operation PDF
K. Ratna Babu, K. V. N. Sunitha 21-28

Applications of the Ferguson-Like Curve and Coons-Like Patches PDF
Juncheng Li 29-34

3D/4D Face Recognition: a Comprehensive Survey PDF
Jing Luo, Jianyun Ni, Zhaoxia Xiao, Haihua Zhang 35-42

A Novel Community-Based Approach for Influence Maximization in Social Network PDF
Jiaguo Lv, Jingfeng Guo, Huixiao Ren 43-49

Finite-Time Stabilizing Control of Linear Systems Over Networks PDF
Yanling Shang 50-54

Research on Image Processing-Based Accurate Measurement of Optical Microscopic Image PDF
Peilong Xu 55-58

Images Analysis of Exact Bubble Contour in Gas/Liquid Two Phase Flow PDF
Hao Zhang, Qian Yang 59-63

A Taxonomy of Load Balancing Techniques in Cloud Computing PDF
Mohammed Abdurabu Alsaih, Rohaya Latip, Azizol Abdullah, Shamala K. Subramaniam 64-76

Local Similarities Approximation in DNA Sequences Based on Pairwise Sequence Aligner Algorithm PDF
N. Al-Shanableh, H. Al-Zoubi, M. Al Rababaa 77-82

Formalization in Software Reengineering PDF
Qian Zhongsheng, Yang Yong, Chen Zhongyu 83-87

A Data Mining Model for Broadcasting and Television DSS PDF
Fulian Yin, Xi Jiang, Yao Qin 88-93

Web Personalized Search System Based on Improved Link Structure Analysis and Unidirectional FP-Tree for Mining Frequent Item Sets Algorithms PDF
Guimei Bai, Mingzhao Li 94-99

Mobility in Ad Hoc-Based Network with Active High Traffic PDF
Rizik M. H. Al-Sayyed 100-107

Dynamic Cloud Resource Reservation Based on Trust Attributes PDF
Tian Jun-Feng, Dong Na 108-114

A Study on the Effect of Different Velocities on the Handover Delay in WiMAX Systems PDF
Elmabruk S. Elgembari, Kamaruzzaman B. Seman 115-119

The Technical Report of Secured Document Transmitting on Cloud Platform Through Web2App/PaaS Operation PDF
Chun-Ta Lin, Cheng-I Hou 120-123

Basic-Block Based Instruction Prefetching for Real-Time Applications PDF
Fan Ni, Xiang Long, Han Wan, Xiaopeng Gao 124-131

A Cryptographic Processor for 32 bit Embedded System with Resource-Constraints PDF
N. Benhadjyoussef, W. Elhadjyoussef, M. Machhout, K. Torki, R. Tourki 132-143

Deriving Objective Navigational Measures for Web Usability PDF
Hazwani Rahmat, Hazura Zulzalil 144-151

Research of Semantic Information Retrieval Based on Conceptual Analysis of User Queries PDF
Yangxin Yu, Yizhou Zhang 152-156

The Application Research of IPv6 Technology in the Security Architecture of the Internet of Things PDF
Guofang Kuang, Huanlong Zhang 157-162

The Novel Model of Domain Ontology Matching and Merging in Semantic Web Service Based on Fuzzy Concept Lattice PDF
Ruiling Zhang, Hongsheng Xu 163-169

Using Multi-Vector DBSCAN Algorithm to Cluster the Distribution of Urban Water Point PDF
Jianzhuo Yan, Mengyao Qi, Liying Fang, Ying Wang, Jianyun Yu 170-173

A New Computer Architecture Supporting Object-Oriented Programming PDF
Junyi Li, Jingyu Chen, Anthony S. Fong 174-179

Specific Erotic Image Detection Method Based on SVM PDF
Li Yonggang, Yin Haiming 180-185

A Hash Function-Based RFID Authentication Protocol PDF
Minghui Wang, Junhua Pan 186-190

Network Trustworthy Assessment Based on Advanced DyTrust Model PDF
Minsheng Tan, Qiong Chen, Huan Zhou, Weixing Xie 191-196

A New User Authentication Scheme for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Shuaiwen Xu, Xiaoming Wang 197-203

A Face Recognition Method Based on Complex Network, Canny Algorithm and Image Contours PDF
Tang Xiao, Wang Yin-He, Wang Qin-Ruo 204-210

SaaS Intelligent Customization Model Based on Tenancy History PDF
Xiaojun Ren, Yongqing Zheng, Lanju Kong 211-217

A Conceptual Framework of Service Invocation in the Novel DSS: the Example in Situation Assessment PDF
Yang Jie, Zhou Xianzhong, Wang Baoxiang, Mao Ke 218-224

IP Network Performance Measuring Based on I/O Correlation Model PDF
Yang Zong-Chang, Kuang Hong 225-229

Modified Fast Codebook Model PDF
Qian Zhao, Cheng Zhao, Yuan-Bin Hou, Xin-Rong Mao 230-234

A VLSI Based Framework for Iterative and Adaptive Based Image Filter for Impulse Noise Removal PDF
P. G. Kuppusamy, R. Rani Hemamalini 235-242

FPGA Based Real Time Wavelet Video Coding PDF
Wajdi Elhamzi, Taoufik Saidani, Yahia Said, Mohamed Atri 243-249

Rapid Parallel Computation of Point Multiplication for ECDSA Over Prime Field PDF
A. Sakthivel, Nedunchezhian Raju 250-255

An Efficient Adaptive Segmentation Algorithm on EEG Signals to Discriminate between Subject with Epilepsy and Normal Control PDF
Samaneh Kazemifar, Reza Boostani 256-261

A New Pattern Recognition Method Based on Nonlinear Support Vector Machine PDF
Zhi-Hang Tang, Bei-Ping Tang, Ying Han, Yi-Jie Lu, Xiang-Ling Luo, Wen-Bin Tian, Hai-Bin Wang 262-266

A Kind of New Algorithm to Solve the Multi-Objective Traveling Salesman PDF
Shuiqiang Liu, Jianhua Zhou, Juncheng Lei 267-270

Investigation of the Performance of Modified TCM Scheme for the Protection of SPIHT-Based Compressed Images Over Fading Channel PDF
Mohamed Benaissa, Abdesselam Bassou, Mohammed Beladgham, Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed, A. Moulay Lakhdar 271-276

The P-Permutations Basing Error-Correcting Codes PDF
Han Haiqing, Li Qin, Zhu Siru, Lei Gaihui 277-281

Research and Application on Data Stream Management System of Expressway Real-Time Monitoring System PDF
JiangFan Feng, YanHong Liu 282-286

Similarity Distance Based Clustering Framework for Aggregation of Web Usage Data PDF
Joan M. John, A. Shajin Nargunam 287-295

The Study on Multiple Document Automatic Summarization System PDF
Junqing Liang, Mingjing Jia, Xiao Li, Shuchao Guo, Weiwei Zhai 296-301

Performance Analysis for Split Phase Multi-Channel Protocols PDF
Junrong Yan, Xiaorong Xu 302-306

Evaluating the Delays in Local Controller Networks PDF
Nikolay Kakanakov 307-312

Acoustic Experimental Signal Analysis Using an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System and Different Time-Frequency Techniques PDF
Latif Rachid, Mostafa Laaboubi, Azzedine Dliou 313-326

Status and Prospects of Autonomous Vehicle Positioning Method for Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System PDF
Jiang Liu, Baigen Cai, Yunpeng Wang 327-340

A Spatial Data Mining Method Based on the Concept Lattice of Compact Dependencies PDF
C. Ma, X.-D. Gao, Z.-W. Zeng 341-346

A New Automatic Image Registration Algorithm Based on Corner Detector for Remote Sensing Applications PDF
Lila Meddeber, Tarik Zouagui, Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed, Nassr-Eddine Berrached 347-362

Investigation and Implementation of Square Type Patch Based Algorithm on Texture Synthesis of Image Inpainting Technique for Medical Images PDF
Hardik Modi, Mandar Sahasrabuddhe 363-369

Controlled-Adaptable Distributed Data and File Sharing with Multiple Participants in Visual Cryptography PDF
F. R. Shiny Malar, M. K. Jeya Kumar 370-377

An Improved Principal Component Analysis for Palmprint Recognition PDF
Shuang Xu, Min Li, Jifeng Ding 378-383

Improving the Medical Diagnosis Process Using Maximal Association Rules PDF
A. L. (Ion) Udristoiu, S. Udristoiu 884-889

Research on the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows by Cellular Ant Algorithm PDF
Yuanzhi Wang 390-395

A Resource Sharing Management System Based on Cloud Computing Middleware PDF
Fang Wei, Xu Jiang 396-400

An Adaptive Management Approach Collaborating Heterogeneous Resources in Cloud Service Environments PDF
Xiaoying Wang, Rui Wang, Xiaojing Liu 401-408

The Connection between Concepts in Formal Concept Analysis and Concepts in a Dual Description Logic PDF
Yuxia Lei, Jingying Tian 409-415

A Secure Scheme for Three-Dimension Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Yuquan Zhang, Min You 416-421

A Novel Exact Algorithm for Graph Coloring via Implicit Enumeration PDF
Zhang Kai, Yi Jiaren, Zhu Enqiang, Shi Xiaolong, Liu Ziyan 422-426

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