Vol 9, No 6 (2014)

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A Novel Multi Modification in AES Block Cipher Algorithm for Complexity Improvement PDF
Nada Hussein M. Ali, Yousef Sufian, Abdul Monem S. Rahma, Abdul Mohssen J. Abdul Hossen 901-905

An Approach for the Identification of Misalignment in ERP Implementation PDF
Kenza Bengoud, R. Benmoussa, S. Saib, A. Abd 906-919

Genetic Algorithm based Bi level Histogram Modification Framework for Image Contrast Enhancement PDF
P. Babu, V. Rajamani 920-927

Hybrid Fuzzy Based Nature-inspired Clustering Algorithms with Validity Measures PDF
Mohamed Jafar O. A., R. Sivakumar 928-937

New Computing Paradigm: Agent Orientated Engineering and Programming PDF
Salaheddine Juma Juneidi 938-945

Predicting the Maintainability of Object Oriented Software Using Design Metrics – An Evolutionary Case Study of Open Source Software PDF
K. G. Madhwaraj 946-954

An Efficient Method For Dynamic Security Process Using UML Class Diagrams And Baysian Network PDF
G. JulieSharine, T. Sasikala, T. Sasikala, T. Sasikala 955-965

Graph Transformation Based Conceptual Data Model Graph Generation for User Interface Development PDF
Suneeta H Angadi, S. Mohan, S. Mohan 966-973

A Robust Multimodal Biometric System for Person Identification PDF
Malathy C., K. Siva Prakash, M. Abdul Karim Sadiq 974-980

Euclidean Shape Based Object Identification PDF
Rajasekar Velswamy, Selvarajan Sellappan, Karthiprem Sengottaiyan 981-987

Image Denoising and Contrast Via Intensity Histogram Equalization Method PDF
Balakrishnan Natarajan, S. P. Shantharajah 988-996

Kernal Analysis Mercer’s Theorem on Matrix Model Ependymomas Tumour in MR Brain Image PDF
B. Vijaya Kumar, B. Balakumar, P. Raviraj 997-1006

Artificial Neural Network-Based Texture Classification Using Reduced Multidirectional Gabor Features PDF
Mohammed W. Ashour, Fatimah Khalid, Lili N. Abdullah, Alfian A. Halin 1007-1016

Mixed Pixel Wise Characterization Based on HMM and Hyper spectral Image Gradient Enhancement for Classification Using SVM-FSK PDF
D. Regan, S. K. Srivatsa 1017-1026

A Novel Algorithm for Quantization Matrix Estimation for JPEG Error Analysis to Digital Image Forensics PDF
S. Vishnu Priyan, S. K. Srivatsa 1027-1034

Medical Image Compression in WBCT Domain Using Fast FIC and SPIHT Coding PDF
V. Mohan, Y. Venkataramani 1035-1042

Design and Implementation of HDPS Scheduler in Hadoop Over Rackspace Cloud Server for Better Management of Data in Heterogeneous Networks PDF
Mehraj Ali, John Sanjeev A. Kumar 1043-1048

Frequent Itemsets Generation using Efficient Utility Mining Algorithm PDF
N. Jaisankar, Krishnamurthy Marudhamuthu, S. Kousalya, A. Kannan 1049-1054

Game Theory Model for Intrusion Detection in WSN using Hierarchical Trust Management PDF
V. Ram Prabha, P. Latha 1055-1064

A Mathematical modeling and Simulation Analysis of Lattice reduction algorithms for large MIMO detections PDF
Ranjitham Govindhasamy, K.R Shankar Kumar 1065-1073

Network Alert Management Based on Multi Agent Systems for Surveillance and Supervising Software and Hardware Components PDF
Moummadi Kamal, Abidar Rachida, Moutaouakkil Fouad, Medromi Hicham 1074-1081

Robust Scheduling Analysis for Stability Constraints in Network Control System PDF
C. T. Kalaivani, N. Kalaiarasi 1082-1087

Energy Consumption In Wireless Ad Hoc Network Using ERCIM PDF
S. K. Manju Bargavi, G. P. Rajamani 1088-1093

Mchopaodv-Enhanced Cluster-Based Approach Against Wormhole Attacks in Manet PDF
M. D. Vimalapriya, S. Santhosh Baboo 1094-1100

Fuzzy Enabled Geographic Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks PDF
P. Saravanan, T. Arunkumar 1101-1107

An Efficient Ontology Based Concept Indexing and Clustering for Biomedical Documents PDF
K. Premalatha, S. Logeswari 1108-1116

Differential Evolution (DE) based Multiple Regression Model for Classification PDF
B. Thanga Parvathi, S. MercyShalinie 1117-1124

Optimal Knowledge Based Top L Element Identification Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithm In Peer To Peer Networks PDF
S. Veena, P. Rangarajan 1125-1133

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