Vol 11, No 12 (2016)

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QMCP: QoS Aware Multi-Channel Path Discovery for End to End Data Transmission Over Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Nagul Shribala, P. Srihari, B. C. Jinaga 1054-1064

PISWAS: Improving What-If Analysis Model to Suggest the Best Offers Scenarios in Telecom Companies PDF
Roua Achi, Kadan Joumaa, Salah Dowaji 1065-1072

Optimum Time Schedule and Staff Prediction Model for SQA PDF
R. Anitha, M. V. Srinath 1073-1082

Mapping Metric Between Meaningful Learning Characteristics and Moodle Activities PDF
Andi Tenriawaru, Arif Djunaidy, Daniel Siahaan 1083-1092

RANDSHUFF: an Algorithm to Handle Imbalance Class for Qualitative Data PDF
Tora Fahrudin, Joko Lianto Buliali, Chastine Fatichah 1093-1104

New Algorithms for Data Mining on Grid Computing PDF
Khadidja Elkobra Belbachir, Hafida Belbachir 1105-1116

A New Evaluation Method for Mesh Segmentation Based on the Levenshtein Distance PDF
Fatima Rafii Zakani, Khadija Arhid, Mohcine Bouksim, Mohamed Aboulfatah, Taoufiq Gadi 1117-1126

Building Melodic Feature Knowledge of Gamelan Music Using Apriori Based on Functions in Sequence (AFiS) Algorithm PDF
Khafiizh Hastuti, Azhari Azhari, Aina Musdholifah, Rahayu Supanggah 1127-1137

Irreversible Biometric Template Protection by Trigonometric Function PDF
Fahad Layth Malallah, Zaid Ahmed Aljawaryy, Baraa Tariq Sharef, Asem Khmag, Lway Faisal A. Razak 1138-1146

Learning to Generate Optimized Term Weighting for Web Documents Classification - A Parallel Mimetic Approach Based on Support Vector Machines PDF
Abderrahmane Bendahmane, Abdelkader Benyettou 1147-1156

Energy Efficient Mobile MAC Protocol with Mobility Vector for Neighbor Selection in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Sreejith Vidhyadharran, Prateek Khandelwal, Lucy J. Gudino, K. R. Anupama 1157-1166

Intelligent Systems for Monitoring and Recognition of Cyber Attacks on Information and Communication Systems of Transport PDF
Mazin Mohammad Al Hadidi, Yasir Khalil Ibrahim, Valeriy Lakhno, Anna Korchenko, Аnna Tereshchuk, Anton Pereverzev 1167-1177

An Arabic Text To Speech Based on Semi-Syllable Concatenation PDF
Afaf Al Shalaby, Oumayma Al Dakkak, Nada Ghneim 1178-1186

Pre-Processing of Document Images Obtained with a Smartphone PDF
Hassan El Bahi, Abdelkarim Zatni 1187-1198

Individuals Authentication from Both-Eye Images Using Feature Level Fusion and Score Level Fusion PDF
Kamel Ghanem Ghalem, Fatiha Hendel 1199-1208

Arabic Speech Recognition for Connected Words Using HTK: Triphones Expanded to Gmm Based Quran Recognition PDF
Nihal Merad-Boudia, Abdelkader Benyettou, Antonio Rubio Ayuso 1209-1216

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