Vol 10, No 12 (2015)

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A Trade-Off Model of Software Requirements for Balancing Between Security and Usability Issues PDF
Khalid T. Al-Sarayreh, Lina A. Hasan, Khaled Almakadmeh 1157-1168

An Efficient Method for Software Reliability Growth Model Selection Using Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Technique PDF
K. Rao Mallikharjuna, K. Anuradha 1169-1178

Improve Road Extraction by Bayesian Data Fusion and Mean Shift Segmentation in Urban Area PDF
Amel Gacem, N. Berrached, S. Merad Boudia 1179-1185

A Methodology of Model Transformation in MDA: from CIM to PIM PDF
Yassine Rhazali, Y. Hadi, A. Mouloudi 1186-1201

New Approach for Service Discovery and Prediction Based on Intentional Perspective and Recommendation PDF
Sara Alaoui, Younes El Bouzekri El idrissi, Rachida Ajhoun, Fatana El Elmendili, Chaymae Benfaress 1202-1208

Low Complexity Image Authentication Based on Singular Value Decomposition and Mixed Scales Faber Schauder Wavelet PDF
Assma Azeroual, Karim Afdel 1209-1215

Models for Analysis and Prognostication of the Indicators of the Distributed Computer Systems’ Characteristics PDF
Vadym Mukhin, Heorhii Loutskii, Oleg Barabash, Yaroslav Kornaga, Viktor Steshyn 1216-1224

Integrating Non-Functional Requirements Into a Case Based Reasoning Model for Software Effort Estimation PDF
Fadoua Fellir, Khalid Nafil, Rochdi Messoussi 1225-1232

Shape Prior Active Contours for Computerized Vision Based Train Rolling Stock Parts Segmentation PDF
P. V. V. Kishore, C. Raghava Prasad 1233-1243

A Two-Phase Dynamic Recommender System for Improved Web Usage Mining and Personalization PDF
Anna Alphy, S. Prabakaran 1244-1254

New Approach to Flicker Removal in Underwater Images PDF
Anjik Sukmaaji, Eko Mulyanto Yuniarno, Mochamad Hariadi, I. Ketut E. Purnama 1255-1261

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