Vol 10, No 7 (2015)

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Using Data Mining Techniques in Building Dataset for Network Intrusion Detection PDF
Manar Jacob Aljabr 652-659

New Technique for Extraction Moving Object Based on Active Contours for Intelligent Visual Surveillance Applications PDF
Belal Alshaqaqi, Meriem Boumehed 660-667

Predicting Stock Market Exchange Prices for the Reserve Bank of Australia Using Auto-Regressive Feedforward Neural Network Model PDF
Alaa F. Sheta, Hossam Faris, Abdelkarim Baareh 668-676

Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition System Based on the Combination of Multiple Semi-Continuous HMMs PDF
Ahlam Maqqor, Akram Halli, Khalid Satori, Hamid Tairi 677-683

Investigating Data Transfer Mechanism and Estimating Power Consumption to Enhance Power Efficiency in WSNs PDF
Halim Kacem, Mohamed Glaoui, Ali Gharsallah 684-694

RETRACTED: Cost Efficient Process Termination for Deadlock Recovery PDF
Anas Jebreen Atyeeh Husain 695-701

Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Digital Mammogram Using Steerable Pyramid PDF
Abdelaziz Addioui, Faouzia Benabbou, Sanaa El Filali, Mohamed El Aroussi 702-709

A Prediction-Based Solution for Improving the Performance of CSMA/CA Networks Under the Hidden Collision Effect PDF
Marouane Sebgui, Slimane Bah, Belhaj Elgraini 710-717

Facial Recognition Using Square Diagonal Matrix Based on Two-Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis PDF
Arif Muntasa 718-725

SP2MN: a Software Process Meta-Modeling Language PDF
Hisham Khdair, Zulaiha Ali Othman 726-734

A CPU-Guided Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) of Off-Chip Buses in Homogenous Multicore Processors PDF
Mutaz Al-Tarawneh, Ziyad Ahmed Al Tarawneh, Saif E. A. Alnawayseh 735-747

Development and Evaluation of Animal and Plant Video Encyclopedias Implementing Service-Oriented Architecture Design Principles PDF
Bungur Togi Andre Sihotang, Ford Lumban Gaol 748-756

Multi Sensor Image Fusion Using Saliency Map Detection PDF
Durga Prasad Bavirisetti, Ravindra Dhuli 757-763

Pre-Authentication Design for Seamless and Secure Handover in Mobile WiMAX PDF
Hamzah F. Zmezm, S. J. Hashim, A. Sali, Kamal Ali Alezabi 764-772

A Development Process for Adaptable Services-Oriented Systems PDF
Issam Elmagrouni, Adil Kenzi, Mohammed Lethrech, Abdelaziz Kriouile 773-782

Improving Authentication and Authorization for Identity Based Cloud Environment Using OAUTH with Fuzzy Based Blowfish Algorithm PDF
Jissy Ann George, M. Hemalatha 783-788

An AM-FM Based Image Segmentation: Detection of Clouds in MSG Images of Algeria PDF
Youcef Attaf, Abd-El-Hamid Adane, Mourad Lahdir, Abdel-Ouahab Boudraa, Mourad Laghrouche, Zohra Ameur 789-797


Automatic Processing of Amazighe Verbal Morphology: a New Approach for Analysis and Formalization PDF
Fatima Zahra Nejme, Siham Boulaknadel, Driss Aboutajdine 798

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