Vol 10, No 4 (2015)

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ESSA: Exponential Smoothing and Spatial Autocorrelation, Methods for Prediction of Outbreaks Pest in Indonesia PDF
Sri Yulianto Joko Prasetyo, Subanar Subanar, Edi Winarko, Budi Setiadi Daryono 362-371

A Fuzzy Logic Method for Extraction of Geographic Objects from IKONOS Imagery PDF
Fatima Zohra Fadhli, Nour El Islam Bachari 372-379

Acceleration of Inter-Task Routing for JIT Compilation Reconfigurable Computing Platform Using Customized Processor PDF
Seyedhassan Daryanavard, Mohammad Eshghi, Ali Jahanian 380-386

Background Modeling Algorithm Based on Transitions Intensities PDF
Siham Aqel, Abdelouahed My Sabri, Abdellah Aarab 387-392

Secure Communication Against Framing Attack in Wireless Sensor Network PDF
R. Geetha, E. Kannan 393-398

An Infrequent Route Selection Strategy for Unequally Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
UnniKrishnan Hari, B. Ramachandran, N. Divya 399-406

A Novel Adaptive Contention Window and Distributed Inter Frame Space for IEEE 802.11 PDF
Ja’afer Al-Saraireh, Saleh Saraireh, Mohammad Saraireh 407-414

A Novel Semantic Cloud Computing Interoperability Model for Platform as a Service System PDF
Senduru Srinivasulu, P. Sakthivel, V. Ramya 415-423

A New Fault-Tolerant Interconnection Network PDF
Laxminath Tripathy, Chitta Ranjan Tripathy, Sanjit Kumar Barik 424-430

Contribution to Abnormality Detection by Use of Clust-Density Algorithm PDF
Chaimae Saadi, Habiba Chaoui, Hassan Erguig 431-437

A Novel Meteosat Second Generation Image Compression Method Based on Radon Transform, Linear Predictive Coding with Filtering and Sorted Run Length Coding PDF
Mehdi Cherifi, Mourad Lahdir, Soltane Ameur 438-447

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