Vol 10, No 3 (2015)

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Multimodal Medical Image Fusion Under Redundant Transforms PDF
Naveen Kishore Gattim, V. Rajesh 241-248

Quality Web Services Recommendation System Based on Enhanced Personalized Hybrid Collaborative Filtering Approach PDF
Jeberson Retna Raj, T. Sasipraba 249-255

Combined Approaches of Features Selection for EEG Classification PDF
Ines Homri, Slim Yacoub, Noureddine Ellouze 256-264

GA and SVM Algorithms for Selection of Hybrid Feature in Intrusion Detection Systems PDF
Samira Sarvari, Zaiton Muda, Idawaty Ahmad, Mehdi Barati 265-270

Conventional Acoustic Features Based Gammachirp Filterbank for Text Independent Speaker Identification System in Noisy Environments PDF
Amina Ben Abdallah, Zied Hajaiej, N. Ellouze 271-279

Cardiac Arrhythmia Classification Using Boosted Decision Trees PDF
Alaa Elsayyad, Ahmed M. Nassef, Abdel Karim Mohammad Ali Baareh 280-289

A Dynamic and Distributed Key Management Scheme for MANETs PDF
Mohamed Dyabi, Abdelmajid Hajami, Hakim Allali 290-299

Certificate Revocation List Distribution Based on Road Map Distance Protocol (RMDP) in Vanet PDF
G. Anitha, M. Hemalatha 300-307

Distributed Wormhole Detection Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Espin Prince Brumancia, S. Sabarinathan, R. Mugesh 308-314

Using Markov Chain Model to Evaluate the Performance of EDCA Protocol Under Saturation and Non-Saturation Conditions PDF
Ahmed Abu-Khadrah, Zahriladha Zakaria, Mohdazlishah Othman, M. S. I. M. Zin 315-323

Multi Criteria Decision Making for n-Dimensional Vertical Partitions PDF
Prathipa Baskaran, Balika J. Chelliah 324-331

A Novel Algorithm to Improve Indoor Localization Accuracy and Path-Loss Reduction Using Real Time RSSI PDF
K. Vadivukkarasi, R. Kumar 332-339

Towards Developing Collaborative Experience Based Factory Model for Software Development Process in Cloud Computing Environment PDF
Mastura Hanafiah, Rusli Abdullah, Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad, Jamilah Din 340-350

Collaborative Business Process Specification and a Mapping from BPMN Model to Service Model PDF
S. Saib, R. Benmoussa, K. Bengoud 351-361

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