Vol 10, No 1 (2015)

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A New Efficient Text Detection Method for Image Spam Filtering PDF
Zubaidah Muataz Hazza, Normaziah A. Aziz 1-8

Multiple-Population Genetic Algorithm for Solving Min-Max Optimization Problems PDF
Mohammad Alshraideh, Luay Tahat 9-19

Individuals Identification Using Artificial Immunes Systems PDF
Ibtissam Benchennane, Ahmed Hadjar, Abdelkader Benyettou 20-26

A CMOS-Based Dual Logic Mode Gate for Analysis of Logical Effort in Sequential and Combinational Circuit PDF
Shri Saraswathy, F. V. Jayasudha 27-35

OLSR Clustering Algorithm Based on Nodes Mobility PDF
Mohamed Dyabi, Meryem Saadoune, Abdelmajid Hajami, Hakim Allali 36-43

Intelligent and Pervasive Supervising Platform for Information System Security Based on Multi-Agent Systems PDF
Rachida Abidar, Kamal Moummadi, Fouad Moutaouakkil, Hicham Medromi 44-51

Fusion of Local and Global Feature Extraction Based on Uniform LBP and DCT for Traffic Sign Recognition PDF
Samira El Margae, Mounir Ait Kerroum, Youssef Fakhri 52-60

An Image Enhancement Based on RGB Color Channels with Fuzzy C-Means Clustering PDF
F. V. Jayasudha 61-71

Real-Time Prediction of RTT Based on Holt-Winters Method for Internet-Based Teleoperation PDF
Mostefa Masmoudi, Lahouari Kaddour El Boudadi, Abdelhamid Loukil, Jean Vareille 72-79

Robust Audio Encryption Method for MPEG-2 AAC Audio Based on Module Arithmetic and Chaotic Maps PDF
Ali Abdulgader Mohamed, Mahamod Ismail, Nasharuddin Zainal 80-89

Hair-Oriented Data Model for Spatio-Temporal Data Mining PDF
A. Madraky, Z. A. Othman, A. R. Hamdan 90-101

A Hybrid Feature Extraction Scheme Based on DWT and Uniform LBP for Digital Mammograms Classification PDF
Sanae Berraho, Mounir Ait Kerroum, Youssef Fakhri 102-110


XML Document Classification by Frequent Itemset Mining on Menonym Tree PDF
D. Sasikala, K. Premalatha 111

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