Vol 9, No 10 (2014)

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An Enriched Audio Steganography for Secret Message Communication Using Novel Embedding Technique PDF
Valarmathi Ramakrishnan, G. M. Kadhar Nawaz 1645-1650

Increasing Energy Efficiency of Mobile Nodes Using Distributed Energy-Adaptive Location Based Cooperative- Medium Access Control Protocol (DEL-CMAC) in Large Scale MANETs PDF
Vijayakumar Adaickalam, K. Selvamani Kadhirvelu 1651-1658

Algorithm to Find the Closest Concept in a Knowledge Model to a Query: Solving the Matching Problem PDF
Alejandra Segura, Claudia Martinez, Christian Vidal, Salvador Sánchez 1659-1666

Multi-Agent Architecture for Business Modeling of Web Services Composition Based on WS2JADE Framework PDF
Nouha Adadi, Mohammed Berrada, Driss Chenouni, Bouchaïb Bounabat 1667-1674

Wavelet Based Adaptive Filtering Algorithms for Acoustic Noise Cancellation PDF
Mohanaprasad Kothandaraman, Arulmozhivarman Pachaiyappan 1675-1681

Design and Develop Misconfiguration Vulnerabilities Scanner for Web Applications PDF
Aidmar Wainakh, Ahmad Wabbi, Bassel Alkhatib 1682-1691

Subspace Clustering of Text Documents Using Collection and Document Frequencies of Terms PDF
N. Sivaram Prasad, K. Rajasekhara Rao 1692-1699

Multi Key Word Search and Trusted Auditing System to Verify the Integrity of Outsourced Data in Cloud Computing PDF
J. Jospin Jeya, E. Kannan 1700-1704

Green Cognitive Radio Networks by Using Coalitional Game Approach in Partition Form PDF
Imane Daha Belghiti, Mouna Elmachkour, Ismail Berrada, Lahcen Omari 1705-1711

Flow-Based Admission Control and QoS Maintenance for Real Time Traffic Over MANETs PDF
Sabri Saeed, Mahamod Ismail, Rosilah Hassan, Abdulmalek Al-Hemyari 1712-1719

Lightweight Message Authentication Protocol for Mobile Multihop Relay Networks PDF
Adnan Shahid Khan, Halikul Lenando, Johari Abdullah, Mohamad Nazim Bin Jambli 1720-1730

A Novel Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Based on K-Means Algorithm PDF
Dhayalan Vanisri 1731-1735

An Analysis of the Parameter Modifications in Varieties of Harmony Search Algorithm PDF
N. F. Mansor, Z. Abal Abas, A. F. N. Abdul Rahman, A. S. Shibghatullah, S. Sidek 1736-1749

A Robust Image Watermarking Scheme Using Steerable Pyramid Transform PDF
Khadija Jamali, Mohamed El Aroussi, Azz El Arab El Hossaini, Samir Mbarki, Mohammed Wahbi 1750-1759

Car License Plate Localization Using Hole Filling and Support Vector Machine Approach PDF
Osama Hosam 1760-1766

Towards Decreasing the Associated Risks with Payment Settlement Systems PDF
Firas Mohammad Issa, Mohammad Ahmad, Jamal Alyaseen, Mohyeldin Mourad 1767-1775

A Practical Rule Based Technique by Splitting SMS Phishing from SMS Spam for Better Accuracy in Mobile Device PDF
Cik Feresa Mohd Foozy, Rabiah Ahmad, Mohd Faizal Abdollah 1776-1782

Time Series Prediction Techniques for Estimating Remaining Useful Lifetime of Cutting Tool Failure PDF
Siti Azirah Asmai, Burairah Hussin, Mokhtar Mohd Yusof, Abdul Samad Shibghatullah 1783-1790

A Secured and Time Efficient Electronic Business Framework Based on Public Key Cryptography PDF
Durai Raj Vincent, E. Sathiyamoorthy 1791-1797

Systems of Systems Paradigm in a Hospital Environment: Benefits for Requirements Elicitation Process PDF
Farid Lahboube, Saida Haidrar, Ounsa Roudiès, Nissrine Souissi, Anwar Adil 1798-1806

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