Vol 9, No 2 (2014)

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Conviction Based Packet Promotion Scheme for Efficient Detection of Selfish Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
P. Mani, P. Kamalakkannan 212-218

Efficient Intrusion Detection Ensuring Connectivity in 2D and 3D WSN PDF
T. Mohamed Mubarak, G. Appa Rao, Syed Abdul Sattar, M. Sajitha 219-229

Fuzzy Logic with Hybrid Optimization Approach for Optimal Route Selection in MANET PDF
N. K. Kuppuchamy, R. Manimegalai 230-237

Collaborator Homed Routing: a Mechanism for Fault Free Routing on Wireless Sensor Network PDF
M. Sasikumar, R. Anitha 238-246

A Robust and Hybrid Rician Noise Estimation Scheme for Magnetic Resonance Images PDF
N. Sasirekha, K. R. Kashwan 247-254

Highly Robust Digital Image Watermarking Using Steerable Pyramid and Dual Encryption Technique PDF
Azz El Arab El Hossaini, Mohamed El Aroussi, Khadija Jamali, Samir Mbarki, Mohamed Wahbi 255-265

Rule-Based Semantic Content Extraction in Image using Fuzzy Ontology PDF
G. Nagarajan, K. K. Thyagharajan 266-277

Integration of Improved Region Growing (iRG) and Level Set Method for Automated Medical Image Segmentation PDF
Maya Eapen, Reeba Korah 278-284

Decision Support System Using Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network with the Modified Genetic Algorithm PDF
R. Sathya Bama Krishna, M. Aramudhan 285-294

Neurofuzzy and Genetic Network Programming Based Intrusion Detection System PDF
A. J. Deepa, V. Kavitha 295-301

Capturing the Dynamism of Situation in the Flow of Information PDF
Jules Chenou, Albert C. Esterline, William Edmonson 302-309

Mining of Cyclic Periodic Patterns for Prediction System PDF
N. Sumathi, S. Sathiyabama 310-318

Event R-Tree Miner: an Efficient Approach to Mine Sequential Patterns from Spatio-Temporal Event Dataset PDF
R. Geetha, S. Sathiyabama 319-329

Design of Vedic Architecture for High Speed DCT PDF
M. Thiruveni, D. Shanthi 330-336

High Performance Power Efficient Scheduler for MultiCore Processor in Real Time Applications PDF
A. S. Radhamani, E. Baburaj 337-346

A Multi-Agent Planning Architecture for Semantic Web Service Composition PDF
Amina Adadi, Mohammed Berrada, Driss Chenouni 347-354

Enhancing Performance of Partitioned Database in Cloud Computing Environment PDF
Munther Jawabrah, Madlin Aboud 355-364

Randomized Text Encryption: a New Dimension in Cryptography PDF
Jamshed Memon, Abd Rozan Mohd Zaidi, Mueen Uddin, Adamu Abubakar, Haruna Chiroma, Dzurllkanian Daud 365-373

A Novel Energy Metric for Optimal Energy Efficient Sensor Communications PDF
M. S. Vasanthi, T. Rama Rao, K. Swetha 374-383

The Utilization of Template Matching Method for License Plate Recognition PDF
Norazira A. Jalil, Abd Samad Hasan Basari, Sazilah Salam, Nuzulha Khilwani Ibrahim 384-389

Identifying Interesting Visitors Through Transductive Support Vector Machine Web Log Classifier PDF
S. Chitra, B. Kalpana 390-395

A Dynamic Framework to Enhance Quality of Service for Multimedia Real Time Transmission in Content Delivery Networks PDF
K. Manivannan, C. G. Ravichandran 396-405

A Novel Fuzzy Logic Approach to Image Contrast Enhancement and Brightness Preserving PDF
C. G. Ravichandran, V. Magudeeswaran 406-413


An Unsupervised Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Multiresolution Pixon-Represnetation (in: Vol. 7, n. 3, 2012)
Guoying Liu, Changqing Zhang 414

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