Vol 8, No 11 (2013)

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Mining the Change of Customer Behavior in Fuzzy Time-Interval Sequential Patterns with Aid of Similarity Computation Index (SCI) and Genetic Algorithm (GA) PDF
L. Mary Gladence, T. Ravi 2552-2561

RFID Data Encoding Scheme in Supply Chain Management with Aid of Orthogonal Transformation and Genetic Algorithm (GA) PDF
Maria Anu V., G. S. Anandha Mala 2562-2569

Tree-Based Weighted Interesting Pattern Mining Approach for Human Interaction Pattern Discovery PDF
S. Uma, J. Suguna 2570-2575

FCM-FCS: Hybridization of Fractional Cuckoo Search with FCM for High Dimensional Data Clustering Process PDF
Golda George, Latha Parthiban 2576-2585

Hybrid Model Based Feature Selection Approach Using Kernel PCA for Large Datasets PDF
J. Vandar Kuzhali, S. Vengataasalam 2586-2592

Review on Software Metrics Thresholds for Object-Oriented Software PDF
Abubakar D. Bakar, Abu Bakar Md. Sultan, Zulzalil H., Jamilah Din 2593-2600

Managing Software Project Risks (Design Phase) with Proposed Fuzzy Regression Analysis Techniques with Fuzzy Concepts PDF
Abdelrafe Elzamly, Burairah Hussin 2601-2613

A Cluster Based Routing Protocol with Mobility Prediction for Mobile Sensor Networks PDF
Sachin Paranjape, Mukul Sutaone 2614-2623

Propose Approach for UDP Random and Sequential Scanning Detection Based on the Connection Failure Messages PDF
Mohammed Anbar, Sureswaran Ramadass, Selvakumar Manickam, Alhamza Munther, Esraa Alomari 2624-2627

Interlinking of Communication Protocols Through WAP Gateway Technologies Using Network Simulator PDF
K. Muruganandam, V. Palanisamy 2628-2633

Performance Analysis of Cross Layer Communication in Wireless Sensor Network to Improve Throughput and Utility Maximization PDF
K. Kalai Kumar, E. Baburaj 2634-2641

Sem-Rank: a Page Rank Algorithm Based on Semantic Relevancy for Efficient Web Search PDF
V. Vijayadeepa, D. K. Ghosh 2642-2647

A Study on Web Accessibility in Perspective of Evaluation Tools PDF
B. Gohin, Viji Vinod 2648-2654

Corporate e-Learning Environment Using Concept Maps: a Case Study PDF
Nazeeh A. Ghatasheh, Anas R. Najdawi, Mua’ad M. Abu-Faraj, Hossam Faris 2655-2662

New Discovery of P2P Botnets Attack Pattern within Host-and-Network Atmosphere PDF
Raihana Syahirah Abdullah, M. A. Faizal, Zul Azri Muhamad Noh 2663-2670

Framework for Secure Routing for Shielding the Multimedia Contents in P2P Network PDF
Ramesh Shahabadkar, Ramachandra V. Pujeri 2671-2684

An Image Denoising Algorithm Based on Modified Nonlinear Filtering PDF
Yazeed A. Al-Sbou 2685-2694

A Common Operator for Discrete Wavelet Transform and Viterbi Algorithm PDF
V. Rajesh, V. Palanisamy 2695-2703

Enhancement of Speech Signals Using Weighted Mask and Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier PDF
Judith Justin, Ila Vennila 2704-2717

Audio Transcoding Using Covered Compression Scheme on Heterogenous Compressed Domain PDF
S. Vetrivel, G. Athisha 2718-2726

A Robust Noise Detector for High Density Impulse Noise PDF
S. V. Priya, R. Seshasayanan 2727-2732

Face Recognition Technique Based on Active Appearance Model PDF
Mohammed Hasan Abdulameer, Siti Nourl Sheikh Abdullah, Zulaiha Ali Othman 2733-2739

Wavelet Based Image Fusion for Medical Applications PDF
P. S. Gomathi, B. Kalaavathi 2740-2745

An Incremental Clustering Technique to Privacy Preservation Over Incremental Cloud Data PDF
S. Nikkath Bushra, A. Chandra Sekar 2746-2754

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