Vol 8, No 9 (2013)

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Optimizations for Real-Time Implementation of H264/AVC Video Encoder on DSP Processor PDF
N. Bahri, I. Werda, T. Grandpierre, M. Ben Ayed, N. Masmoudi, M. Akil 2025-2035

Adaptive Background Modeling Algorithm Based on Objects Dynamicity PDF
Hakima Asaidi, A. Aarab, M. Bellouki 2036-2043

Efficient Image Compression Algorithm Using Modified IWT and SPIHT for CMOS Image Sensor PDF
P. Ezhilarasi, P. Nirmalkumar 2044-2050

Texture based Segmentation of MRI Brain Tumor Images PDF
K. S. Angel Viji, J. Jayakumari 2051-2057

High Performance FPGA Architecture for Dual Mode Processor of Integer Haar Lifting-Based Wavelet Transform PDF
Haider Ismael Shahadi, Razali Jidin, Wong Hung Way 2058-2067

Minimal Resource Allocation Network (MRAN) Based Software Effort Estimation PDF
E. Praynlin, P. Latha 2068-2074

Extraction of Cardiovascular Structures Using Artificial Neural Network and Mathematical Morphology PDF
R. Latha, S. Senthil Kumar 2075-2079

Discovering Tamil Writer Identity Using Global and Local Features of Offline Handwritten Text PDF
T. Thendral, MS. Vijaya, S. Karpagavalli 2080-2087

An Efficient Approach for Denoising of CT-Images Using EMD and Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Packets PDF
A. Velayudham, R. Kanthavel 2088-2101

Road Extraction from Satellite Images Using Unscented Kalman Filter and Gauss-Hermite Kalman Filter PDF
K. Madhan Kumar, R. Kanthavel 2102-2112

Fusion of Global Shape and Local Features Using Meta-Classifier Framework PDF
Noridayu Manshor, Amir Rizaan Abdul Rahiman, Raja Azlina Raja Mahmood 2113-2117

An Authentication Protocol to Authenticate Users Against Fingerprint Database with Aid of Trigon-Based Method PDF
U. Latha, K. Rameshkumar 2118-2122

An End-to-End Code Generation from UML Diagrams to MVC2 Web Applications PDF
M'hamed Rahmouni, Samir Mbarki 2123-2136

Secure Semantic Aware Middleware: a Security Based Semantic Access Control for Web Services PDF
M. Ramalingam, R. M. S. Parvathi 2137-2141

Fuzzy Based Trust and Reputation Model for Secure Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing PDF
C. Kamalanathan, S. Valarmathy, S. Kirubakaran 2142-2149

Spike Detection from EEG Signals with Aid of Morphological Filters and Hybrid GAPSO PDF
K. G. Parthiban, S. Vijayachitra 2150-2159

Protecting Web Services Against XPath Injection Attacks Using SVM Tree Kernel PDF
L. Bagdadi, B. Messabih 2160-2167

Blending Firefly and Bayes Classifier for Email Spam Classification PDF
D. Karthika Renuka, P. Visalakshi 2168-2177

Clustering Web Log Data Using Graph Partitioning and Agglomerative Hierarchical Algorithms for Predicting User Navigation Patterns PDF
Mohd Hanif Ahmad, Aida Mustapha, Nazli Mohd Khairudin 2178-2186

An Efficient and Optimized Service Discovery Methodology for QoS Aware Service Oriented Business Intelligence PDF
A. Chitra, M. Nageswara Guptha 2187-2196

Analysis on Countering XML-Based Attacks in Web Services PDF
M. Priyadharshini, R. Baskaran, N. Balaji, M. S. Saleem Basha 2197-2204

Utilizing Particle Swarm Optimisation Techniques in Solving Unfair Nurse Scheduling Problem PDF
M. R. Ramli, B. Hussin, N. K. Ibrahim 2205-2212

Analyzing and Identifying Potential Areas of Improvement in Object Oriented Metrics PDF
N. Kayarvizhy, S. Kanmani 2213-2220

Fast ReRoute Technique in BGP with Secure Route Reliability Testing Algorithm PDF
C. Siva, S. Arumugam 2221-2228

Leadership Endurance Prudential Mutual Sharing Multicast Routing PDF
R. Velumani, K. Duraiswamy 2229-2238

Secure Authentication Technique for Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
P. S. Velumani, S. Murugappan 2239-2246

A Novel Mechanism to Detect Jamming Attack in Wireless Sensor Network Using Modified Ant System PDF
E. Sasikala, N. Rengarajan 2247-2253

A Distributed Parallel Pipelined Hardware-Level Barrier Synchronization Method for Mesh-Connected Multicomputers PDF
Igor V. Zotov, Ruslan V. Bredikhin, Evgeni A. Titenko 2254-2261

Fuzzy Based Load and Stability Aware Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
P. Srinivasan, P. Kamalakkannan, S. P. Shantha Rajah 2262-2268

Energy Efficient and High Throughput Composite Routing Metric for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
Marwan Al-Jemeli, Fawnizu A. Hussin 2269-2277

A Hybrid Optimization Algorithm Based on Cuckoo Search and PSO for Data Clustering PDF
P. Manikandan, S. Selvarajan 2278-2287

A Discrete Fractional Cosine Transform Based Speech Enhancement System Through Adaptive Kalman Filter Combined with Perceptual Weighting Filter with Pitch Synchronous Analysis PDF
V. R. Balaji, S. Subramanian 2288-2295

A Novel Approach for English to Dravidian Language Rule Based Machine Translation PDF
J. Sangeetha, S. Jothilakshmi 2296-2302

Rough Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Using Fuzzy Rough Correlation Factor PDF
S. Revathy, B. Parvathavarthini 2303-2308

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