Vol 9, No 8 (2014)

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Detecting Digital Forgeries in Images by Using CFA Algorithm PDF
T. Sridevi, N. Srinivasan, C. Lakshmi 1314-1319

An Improved Identification System Using Iris Based on Curvelet Transform and WBCT PDF
T. K. Sumathi, T. Karthikeyan 1320-1327

Enhanced Fast Robustness Digital Image Watermarking Scheme with Secure Chaotic Encryption Scheme Via Selecting Optimal Feature Points PDF
K. Sathyabama, V. Manikandan 1328-1337

Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Multiple Kernel Learning SVM with FA-KLD-LFDA for Multi Feature Selection PDF
S. Venkatesh Kumar, T. Karthikeyan 1338-1347

Denoising of Natural Image Based on Non-Linear Threshold Filtering Using Discrete Wavelet Transformation PDF
Asem Khmag, Abd Rahman Ramli, S. A. R. Al-Haddad, S. J. Hashim 1348-1357

Wavelet Based Contourlet Transform and Multistructure Elements Morphology by Reconstruction for Retinal Image Analysis PDF
D. Karthika, A. Marimuthu 1358-1365

3D Reconstruction and Pseudo Coloring of Images in Digital Mammography PDF
Lilly Beaulah, Sumathi Raj, Samson Ravindran 1366-1372

A Secure Intrusion-Detection System Using an Acknowledgment-Based Approach for the Detection of Routing Misbehavior in MANETS PDF
Parkavi Murphy john, Swaminathan Arulnandhisivam, Vivekanandan Periyasamy 1373-1383

The Enhanced Amplify-and-Forward Three Time Slots TDMA-Based Protocol Using Inter-Relay Communication Over Rician Fading Channel PDF
I. U. Khan, C. E. Tan, A. S. Khan 1384-1391

An Efficient Energy Clustering by Dynamic Multi-Chain Model in WSN PDF
Subramanian Sumithra, T. Aruldoss Albert Victoire 1392-1398

Seamless and Secure Design for Subsequent Handover in Mobile WiMAX Networks PDF
Hamzah F. Zmezm, S. J. Hashim, Aduwati Sali, Kamal Ali Alezabi 1399-1407

Green Cloud: An Energy Efficient Load Balancing Approach Using Global Load Optimization PDF
D. S. Shaji, E. Baburaj 1408-1416

Gateways’ Mobility Increases the Capacity of Communication in VANETs: Routing Algorithm Based on Congestion Game PDF
Abdelfettah Mabrouk, Mohamed Senhadji, Abdellaziz Walid, Abdellatif Kobbane, Mohammed EL Koutbi 1417-1425

Improving Hit Ratio and Byte Hit Ratio Using Combined Pre-Fetching and Web Caching PDF
Baskaran Rajendran Kuttuva, Kalaiarasan Chellan 1426-1433

A Framework of IPv6 Network Attack Dataset Construction by Using Testbed Environment PDF
Muslim Zulkiflee, N. Haniza, S. Shahrin, M. K. A. Ghani 1434-1441

An Investigation on the Use of Expert Systems in Developing Web-Based Fitness Exercise Plan Generator PDF
Amir Darejeh, Hamed Hadad Pajouh, Ali Darejeh 1442-1448

Supervisory-language Grammar to Appeal for Intelligent Instrument Coalition and Automatically Task Allocation PDF
Adam Bouras 1449-1460

Speech Signal Enhancement Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Adaptive Method Based on the Signal for Noise Ratio Objective Evaluation PDF
Issaoui Hadhami, Bouzid Aicha 1461-1467

Modified Adaptive Line Enhancer in Variable Noise Environments using Set-Membership Adaptive Algorithm PDF
Roshahliza M. Ramli, Ali O. Abid Noor, Salina Abdul Samad 1468-1475

A Refined Continuous Ant Colony Optimization Based FP-Growth Association Rule Technique on Type 2 Diabetes PDF
T. Karthikeyan, K. Vembandasamy 1476-1483

To Spend or Not to Spend? The Case of Defence Expenditure in the Context of the Greek Crisis PDF
George Andrew Zombanakis, Andreas S. Andreou, Petros M. Migiakis 1484-1495

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