Vol 8, No 8 (2013)

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Security and Peer Management of Query Routing Technique for P2P Networks PDF
U. V. Arivazhagu, S. Srinivasan 1744-1750

Queuing Aware Earliest Deadline First Scheduling for Cognitive Radio Network PDF
Sharifah Kamilah Bt Syed Yusof, Dahiru Sani Shuaibu, Haleh Hosseini 1751-1759

Adaptive Cluster-Based Location Monitoring Technique for Query Processing in Mobile Computing Environment PDF
G. Kalaimani, B. G. Geetha 1760-1768

Performance Evaluation of Feature Selection Method for Sentiment Classification of Online Reviews Using Machine Learning Techniques PDF
P. Kalaivani, K. L. Shunmuganathan 1769-1775

Virtualization Techniques for Mobile Devices PDF
David Jaramillo, Borko Furht, Ankur Agarwal 1776-1792

Impact of Mobility and Density on a Cross-Layer Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
A. Loutfi, M. El Koutbi 1793-1800

Hybrid Method for Automatic Ontology Building from Relational Database PDF
Mohammed Reda Chbihi Louhdi, Hicham Behja, Said Ouatik El Alaoui 1801-1813

Auto-Reflexive Software Architecture with Layer of Knowledge Based on UML Models PDF
Zdeněk Havlice 1814-1822

Automatic Tracking of Changes in User Behavior to Support Proactivity in Pervasive Systems PDF
Nesrine Gouttaya, Ahlame Begdouri 1823-1831

Conceptual Software Testing: a New Approach PDF
Sabah Al-Fedaghi 1832-1842

Real-Time Scheduling Architecture for Embedded Systems PDF
Ricardo Cayssials, Edgardo Ferro, José M. Urriza, Eduardo Boemo 1843-1853

Preterm Birth Prediction Using Cuckoo Search-Based Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network PDF
Jyothi Thomas, G. Kulanthaivel 1854-1862

Rotation and Scale Invariant Texture Classification Using Wavelet Transform and LBP Operator PDF
Naouel Boughattas, Hela Mahersia, Kamel Hamrouni 1863-1870

An Efficient Image Reconstruction Technique with Aid of PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) and DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform) PDF
B. Deevena Raju, P. Pandarinath, G. S. Prasad 1871-1877

An Efficient 2DWT-A Architecture Using Distributive Arithmetic Algorithm PDF
C. Thirumarai Selvi, R. Sudhakar 1878-1888

Score-Level Fusion Technique for Multi-Modal Biometric Recognition Using ABC-Based Neural Network PDF
J. Aravinth, S. Valarmathy 1889-1900

Steganalysis Using a Composite Set of Transform Domain Features and Ensemble Classifier PDF
S. Arivazhagan, W. Sylvia Lilly Jebarani, S. V. Uma Saranya 1901-1916

An Efficient Intrusion Detection System Based on GA to Recognize Attacks in User Privileges PDF
P. Nirmaladevi, A. Tamilarasi 1917-1922

Maximum Tsallis Entropy Thresholding for Image Segmentation Using a Refined Artificial Bee Colony Optimization PDF
L. Jubair Ahmed, A. Ebenezer Jeyakumar 1923-1930

A Technique to Tumor Detection from Brain MRI Images Using FCM and Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier PDF
G. Thamarai Selvi, K. Duraiswamy 1931-1942

A Method for Prognosis of Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma PDF
E. V. Vysotskaya, A. N. Strashnenko, Y. A. Demin, I. V. Prasol, C. A. Sinenko 1943-1949

Brain Tumor Segmentation in MRI Images Based on Image Registration and Improved Fuzzy C-Means (IFCM) Method PDF
A. R. Kavitha, C. Chellamuthu 1950-1954

A Proportional Fair Quality of Service Allocation Scheme for Telemedicine Applications PDF
Sabato Manfredi 1955-1960

A Robust Brain Image Segmentation Approach Using ABC with FPCM PDF
B. Thiagarajan, R. Bremananth 1961-1969

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Based Four State Quantum Secret Sharing (QSS) Protocol PDF
G. Aloy Anuja Mary, C. Chellappan 1970-1979

Novel Secure Code Encryption Techniques Using Crypto Based Indexed Table for Highly Secured Software PDF
N. Sasirekha, M. Hemalatha 1980-1990

An Improved Image Denoising Approach Using Optimized Variance-Stabilizing Transformations PDF
K. Sampath Kumar, C. Arun 1991-1996

A 3D Gluing Defect Inspection System Using Shape-Based Matching Application from Two Cameras PDF
Marizan Sulaiman, Hairol Nizam Mohd Shah, Mohamad Haniff Harun, Lim Wee Teck, Mohd Nor Fakhzan Mohd Kazim 1997-2004

Factors Effecting Migration Traditional Projects to Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) PDF
Basem Zughoul, Burairah Hussin 2005-2012

A New Enterprise Integration-Based Framework for Enterprise Physical Mashup PDF
M. Benhaddi, K. Baïna, E. Abdelwahed 2013-2024

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