Vol 8, No 7 (2013)

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FAHSCEP: Fuzzy and Analogy Based Hybrid Software Cost Estimation Process PDF
M. K. Shanker Ganesh, K. Thanushkodi 1497-1505

An Efficient Finger Print Enhancement and Recognition System Viz Fuzzy Based Filtering Technique PDF
R. Vinothkanna, Amitabh Wahi 1506-1516

Multi-Energy X-Ray Imaging System Using Single Photon Counting PDF
Sang Don Kim, Seung Eun Lee 1517-1521

A Low Power Design of Single Precision Floating Point Multiplier for Computing Techniques PDF
K. Duraisamy, U. Ragavendran 1522-1525

Semantic Content Based Medical Image Retrieval Using Invariant Contourlet Features with Relevance Feedback Techniques PDF
Hassan M. Fayed, Mohamed R. M. Rizk, Aboul Seoud 1526-1534

Secure Key Based Key Scheduling for DES and TDES Algorithms PDF
M. Jayakumar, T. Christopher 1535-1540

Ticket Based Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for WSN PDF
J. Radhika, S. Malarvizhi 1541-1548

Improved Stereo Matching Algorithm Using Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization PDF
S. Rajeshkannan, Reeba Korah 1549-1555

A Fault Tolerance Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
J. Jean Justus, A. Chandra Sekar 1556-1563

Security Services for DoS, Hello Flooding and Traffic Analysis in WSN Using Mobile Agents PDF
D. Sheela, G Mahadevan, R. M. S. Parvathi 1564-1570

Multiple Server Indirect Security Authentication Protocol for Mobile Networks Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) PDF
Pabitra Kumar Tripathy, Debashis Biswal 1571-1577

Ant Based Survivable Routing and Load Balancing Technique in WDM Networks PDF
Surendra Bhosale, Nisha Sarwade 1578-1586

Fast and Efficient Opinion Mining Technique for Online Reviews Using Ranking and Classification Algorithms PDF
B. Dhanalakshmi, A. Chandra Sekar 1587-1595

New Heuristic for Reducing MPR in OLSR PDF
Adil Benabbou, Abdelali Boushaba, Azddine Zahi, Rachid Benabbou, Mohammed Oumsis 1596-1602

Load Balanced Deflection Routing and Priority Scheduling in OBS Networks PDF
V. Kavitha, V. Palanisamy 1603-1612

Link-Utility-Based Improved Backoff Cooperative MAC Protocol for MANET PDF
R. Manikandan, K. Selvakumar 1613-1623

Recommender System Based on User Ratings: a Comprehensive Study and Future Challenges PDF
Y. S. Sneha, G. Mahadevan, R. M. S. Parvathi 1624-1635

Validation of CRUD Approach in Composition of Web Services PDF
P. S. Ashok Kumar, C. Gopal Krishna 1636-1643

Traffic Protection as a Service in MPLS Cloud Network PDF
Mouhannad Alnouri, Rand El-Koutly 1644-1649

Towards a Fuzzy Mapping for Virtual Integration System PDF
Moulay Hafid El Yazidi, Ahmed Zellou, Ali Idri 1650-1657

Real Time Network Traffic Monitoring Using FPGA PDF
P. Rajeswari, N. Nagarajan 1658-1662

Secure and Scalable Interdomain Routing Architecture for the Future Internet: SSIR PDF
P. Karunakaran, C. Venkatesh 1663-1670

Secure Multipath Routing Protocol for Certificate Exchange in Mobile Ad Hoc Network PDF
Saju P. John, Philip Samuel 1671-1679

Multi Channel Voice Active Detection Using Instance Filed Auto-Interrelation Function PDF
M. Mathivanan, S. Chenthur Pandian 1680-1687

Optimized Reliable Mechanism for Improving Web Service Using WDDX and XML PDF
C. Jayaprakash, V. Maheswari 1688-1692

An Improved Self-Updating Face Recognition Authentication System PDF
A. Devi, A. Kavitha, A. Marimuthu 1693-1701

A Secure Fast 2D-Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform Based Medical Image Compression Using SPIHT Algorithm with Huffman Encoder PDF
P. Vasanthi Kumari, K. Thanushkodi 1702-1710

Performance Evaluation of OLSR and AODV Routing Protocols in VANETs Urban Area PDF
A. Rhattoy, A. Zatni 1711-1717

Memory Based Hardware Efficient Implementation of FIR Filters PDF
K. G. Shanthi, N. Nagarajan 1718-1733

Detection and Mitigation Framework of Peer-to-Peer Traffic in Campus Networks PDF
Haitham A. Jamil, Bushra M. Ali, A. A. Ghada, Sulaiman M. Nor, Muhammad N. Marsono 1734-1743

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