Vol 8, No 4 (2013)

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Entropy Based Approach to Prevent the DDoS Attacks for Secured Web Services PDF
S. Igni Sabasti Prabu, V. Jawahar Senthil Kumar 888-891

Dynamic Extended Rectangle Based Method for 3D Visual Scene Segmentation PDF
N. Charara, M. Sokhn, I. Jarkass, O. Abou Khaled, E. Mugellini 892-899

Enhancement of Game Theoretic Approach Using Nash Equilibrium with Markov Chains for VANET Security PDF
M. Prabakaran, A. R. Deepti, G. Mahadevan, R. M. S. Parvathy 900-903

A Novel Approach for Hiding Image Using Pixel Intensity PDF
M. Shobana, P. Gitanjali, M. Rajesh, R. Manikandan 904-908

An Optimal Architecture for Dynamic Web Service Discovery and Selection PDF
Abdallah Missaoui 909-914

The Implementation of Plagiarism Detection System in Health Sciences Publications in Arabic and English Languages PDF
K. Omar, B. AlKhatib, M. Dashash 915-919

Sensitive Information Protection and Recovery Using One to One Compound Mapping PDF
N. V. Chaithanya Kumar Reddy, Diwakar R. Marur, Vidhyacharan Bhaskar 920-926

Review of Methods of Distributed Barrier Synchronization of Parallel Processes in Matrix VLSI Systems PDF
Jamil S. Al-Azzeh 927-932

Classification of Ultrasound Carotid Artery Images Using Texture Features PDF
S. Dhanalakshmi, C. Venkatesh 933-940

Fuzzy Based Congestion Detection Technique for Queuing in IP Networks PDF
S. Nandhini, S. Palaniammal 941-948

Combining UML Class and Activity Diagrams for MDA Generation of MVC 2 Web Applications PDF
M'hamed Rahmouni, Samir Mbarki 949-957

Digital Image Watermarking and Encryption Using DWT and RSA PDF
Omar Alirr, Kasmiran Jumari 958-963

Study on Multi-Agent Q Learning Based on Prediction PDF
Ya Xie 964-969

Optimization of Processor Architecture for Sobel Real-Time Edge Detection Using FPGA PDF
Fawnizu Azmadi Hussin, Zahraa E. M. Osman, Likun Xia, Noohul Basheer Zain Ali 970-982

Aspect-Oriented Modeling Approaches and Aspect Code Generation PDF
Abid Mehmood, Dayang N. A. Jawawi 983-995

Achieving Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for MANETs by Channel Utilization and Queue Size PDF
P. Sivanesan, S. Thangavel 996-1003

Image Compression Based on Crucial Region for Radiographic Weldment Images PDF
V. Vaithiyanathan, B. Karthikeyan, B. Venkatraman 1004-1011

Energy Based Efficiency Evaluation of Cluster and Tree Based Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
M. Faheem, Zia Ud Din, M. A. Shahid, S. Ali, B. Raza, L. Sakar 1012-1022

A Wavelet Based Scheme for Video Watermarking PDF
Sundararajan Madhavan, Yamuna Govindarajan 1023-1032

Signature Analyzer Block for Secure Node Entry PDF
C. Navaneethan, K. Helen Prabha 1033-1036

Swarm Based Topology Control for Fault Tolerance in MANET PDF
D. Manohari, G. S. Anandha Mala 1037-1044

A Bayesian Classification Approach for Handling Uncertainty in Adaptive E-Assessment PDF
V. Geetha, D. Chandrakala, R. Nadarajan, C. K. Dass 1045-1052

A Technique to Mine the Multi-Relational Patterns Using Relational Tree and a Tree Pattern Mining Algorithm PDF
M. Ravi Sankar, P. Prem Chand 1053-1061


Automatic Jet Area during Mitral Regurgitation
Kalpana Saini, M. L. Dewal, Manojkumar Rohit 1062

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