Energy Based Efficiency Evaluation of Tree-Based Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)

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A self-heal and self-organizing device deployed in a region of interest typically consists of low cost, low power and multi-functional miniature sensor nodes from a few hundreds to many thousands, described as the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). The designing of a routing protocol for Wireless Sensor Network is very challenging due to a number of factors such as application specific, dense node deployment, frequent topology change, no global identification, unreliable sensor node, fault tolerant, server energy, computation and storage constraints. In the recent couple of years to prolong the network lifetime of tiny sensor node, different types of routing mechanisms have been proposed by various researchers. However, their performance superior or poorer cannot be examined without any doubt by traditional techniques due to their altered behavior in different scenarios.  The aim of this research is to find the energy consumption profile over various metrics among energy efficient tree based routing protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). The present research work can be considered as to guide the protocol designing, application-specific protocol selection and modification of the existing energy efficient routing protocols in WSNs. Simulations among Iman ALMomani et al Protocol and an Energy Efficient Data Collection Protocol EEDCP-TB confirms their results in term of Overhead, Delay, Packet Delivery Ratio and Congestion over Energy consumption and Network lifetime.
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Wireless Sensor Network; Energy Efficient; Routing; Protocol; Cluster; Tree

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