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Introducing Model-Driven Testing in Scrum Process Using U2TP and AndroMDA

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In Scrum agile software development, the increasing complexity of the system and the short sprint cycle of a product makes it difficult to thoroughly test products and ensuring software quality. Furthermore, manual testing is time consuming and requires expertise. As a result, automated testing has emerged as a solution to face this challenge. In this paper, we present an approach to generate test cases from UML sequence diagrams integrated with the Scrum agile process. Previously, the authors presented a new technique for automatic generation of UML 2 sequence diagrams from a set of user stories. In this paper, we propose two new cartridges for AndroMDA Framework. The first cartridge for M2M transformation takes UML 2 sequence diagrams as input and produces U2TP sequence diagrams; and the second cartridge for M2T transformation takes U2TP sequence diagrams as input and generates test cases.
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MDA (Model Driven Architecture); Scrum; U2TP (UML 2.0 Testing Profile); UML (Unified Modeling Language)

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