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Breadth Fixed Gossip: a Route Discovery Mechanism in Ad Hoc Network

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The lack of information from a root node to neighbors becomes a particular constraint in a message delivery. While the transmission range of node needs to be considered also for ensuring a delivered packet message to them. Therefore, a route discovery mechanism is a good start to make a reliable path in an unknown environment. The objective of this study is to explore the implementation of Breadth First Search, fixed radius model, and gossip algorithms (Breadth Fixed Gossip) on the ad hoc network. Simulations were conducted to obtain the value of three metrics i.e. saved retransmission, transmission failure, and hop counts. These results were compared with Depth First Search and Gossip performance. It indicates that saved retransmission metric Breadth Fixed Gossip has a 58 times better performance, reduces transmission failure by 20%, and requires 50% more hops at transmission range below 15 than Depth First Search and Gossip.
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Route Discovery; Breadth First Search; Gossip; Fixed Radius; Wireless; Ad Hoc Network

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