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New Searching Technique of Hybrid Exact String Matching Algorithm

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String matching algorithms play a significant role in solving the fundamental problems of computer sciences. This study proposed a new hybrid string matching algorithm called AbdulRazzaq. This algorithm consisted of a combination between the new searching technique and selecting the good features from two original algorithms, namely, Smith and Karp–Rabin. The proposed algorithm showed lower number of attempts and character comparisons than those of the original algorithms and common algorithms in the string matching field. AbdulRazzaq algorithm used six types of databases, namely, DNA, Protein, XML, Pitch, English, and Source. The best database regarding the number of attempts of AbdulRazzaq algorithm was Pitch, whereas DNA was the worst. This algorithm can work with good performance in the number of character comparisons with all databases.
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String Matching Algorithms; AbdulRazzaq Algorithm; Type of Database

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